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How do I put ashes inside the cat?

Place the cat on it's side on a soft pillow or other stable support. The bottom of each
cat has a diamond shaped opening to allow easy insertion of the bag of ashes and easy
placement of the seal. Easy to follow instructions are included with your shipment.

How do I seal the opening?

Each urn is shipped with fast drying sealant that is used on the color coded edge of
the seal and inserted. A special ribbon is attached to the seal to hold. After the glue
sets you just pull the ribbon off.

Can I ever remove the cremains without breaking the sculpture?

The seal can be removed by gently pushing it into the body of the cat. Then hold the
urn upright and remove the ashes and seal. The sculpture is intact.

Is it big enough to hold my cat's cremains?

Every sculpture is large enough to hold even the largest cats cremains.

Can the urn be placed outside?

The paints that are used to create the likeness of your pet are not created to
exposure to the elements but if you request ahead of time, you can select a quality
solid colored glaze and the seal would be designed to permanently protect your pet's
cremains from exposure.

What is your return policy?

Each urn will be created in the likeness of your individual cat and you will be sent
photos as it is created. At any time before the firing process you are dissatisfied,
you may request a refund, less materials. Unfortunately, there would be no return option
once the sculpture has been shipped.

How do I know what my sculpture will look like?

During several defining stages of sculpting and painting you will be sent pictures of
the work in progress and be given adequate time to respond if you have questions,
concerns or suggestions.

What if I don't have digital pictures of my cat?

If you do not have digital pictures you may send photographs of your cat or pictures of
a specific breed or markings that would help as well as your provided description of
your cat's personality and other markings. Your original photos will be kept safe in an
album while they are used as reference and returned safe with your sculpture.

What types of payment do you offer?

I use SSL (secure socket layer) payment via PayPal. If you do not feel comfortable with
a payment online please contact me for my address as I also accept personal/cashiers
checks or money orders.

How is the payment processed?

The online payment is handled by PayPal Business and can be debit or credit card. If you contact me first I will also allow check or money order.

When will I receive my urn?

The difficulty of the piece and the amount of clay that is being dried and fired determine the time-frame. The full process may several months. I assure you it is well worth it. I work
in the order received and
ship as soon as the cat is completed.

How is the urn shipped?

Each urn is packed safely and securely. I ship USPS for a flat rate of $25.00 in the
continental states. If international shipping is required please contact me for rates.

What kind of discounts do you offer?

If you have received a discount offer from one of my local displays, please call or
send and email for instructions on how to use the discount.

Do you do any charity work?

If you work with a shelter or other charitable fund in which you feel one of my works
may raise animal awareness, please contact me about  donor cat urns.
Eternal Pet Studios
Cedar Rapids, IA
ph: 319-540-5585