Every pet deserves the best
  • Immortalize your feline
    companion in a one of a kind
    cremation cat urn that is also
    cat sculpture.
  • Care is given so that every cat
    sculpture is as dynamic as your
    love for your cat.
  • Completely unique,
    individualized sculpture urns.
  • Pictures of your cat are used to pattern their
    likeness and personality.
  • All original sculptures are hand crafted from
    fine clay and kiln fired.
  • Every cat urn is hand painted to match
    color and coat pattern.
  • Display your cat urn sculpture anywhere in
    your home.

Eternal Pet Studio
Cedar Rapids, IA
ph: 319-540-5585
Eternal Pet Studio
Custom sculptures and memorials
Your pet immortalized in fine clay
painted in their likeness
with you forever